Custom DevOps Setups for Developers#

If you are a Software Developer, there is a high probability, more than 90%, that you are not into DevOps practices and expertise. But, you still want to accomplish most of the benefits DevOps provides.

We created Torque by asking ourselves: How to give a self-service DevOps tool to a developer like you that

  1. Does not lock you.

  2. Is not a black box doing some auto-magical stuff.

  3. It doesn’t require you to be a DevOps expert.

  4. Gives you all needed control and flexibility.

  5. Enables you to manage resources in a simple, intuitive way.

  6. Helps you with everything you need help with (doesn’t tell you it is easy when it is not).

  7. Grows with you as your needs grow.

I know, I know. This sounds impossible to achieve inside one single tool.

But we did it.

Torque works like this:

  1. It gives you a Python code package that you install in your codebase.

  2. This package contains all code necessary for automating your DevOps. No external dependencies.

  3. All code has a form of perpetual, never-expiring license, so you are never separated from the code you depend on.

  4. Of course, you can edit that code as much as you like, but …

  5. If you are Torque’s customer, you have access to:

    • Professional advice for the system design and DevOps setup.

    • Torque development of new functionality or components per your requirements.

    • Onboarding support — we give you hands-on support for setting up all those cloud accounts, tokens, credentials, and permissions that are “easy” to set up :)

    • Ongoing support for bug fixes, security patches, and new releases.

Torque gives you a turn-key DevOps Setup, helps you set it up, and provides code upgrades with hands-on support.

Next, you can check the docs to get a level deeper insight into how the Torque Developer Experience (and it is impressive) looks. And you can check how Torque accomplishes that by bringing high-order programming language concepts (like injection, composition, and others) to describe and implement DevOps concepts makes a notable difference. Finally, we have an actual deployment infrastructure ABSTRACTION with a high level of code reusability.

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